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rubber lip plecos

Read everything about Rubber Lip Plecos in this #1 guide – Care, Max Size, Diet, And More!

This guide covers everything you need to know about Rubber Lip Plecos; Care, Water requirements, tank size, ideal diet, and more!

Rubber Lip Plecos: Short Profile

DetailRubber Lip Plecos Details
Scientific name Chaetostoma milesi
Common names Striped Pleco, Blonde Pleco
Family Chaetostoma Genus
Care Level Medium
Size 7 inches
Diet Algae
Tank Size greater than 25 gallons
Tank Type Freshwater Tank
Water pH 6.7- 8.0
Temperature 72°F to 80°F

Rubber Lip Plecos: Complete Profile

FeatureRubber Lip Plecos Details
OccurrenceRubber Lip Plecos are natives of South American rivers and streams.

The Rubber Lip Pleco is found in South American river basins, The Apuré River, and the Rio Magdalena. These rivers are cold ones, and the temperature of the water drops consecutively; this is why the fish is also known as cold water pleco.

Rubber Lipped Plecos are usually conserved at community aquariums because of their peaceful nature.
AppearanceRubber lip plecos have a wide mouth and some snouts, and their eyes are quite elevated near the top of their head.

Their fins are located almost at the same place as other plecos.

The fins stick to their body or pull up when they are munching over food.

Their pectoral fins come in notice only after they start swimming, and they are usually greyish or blackish golden in color.

Their body is full of patterns and lines and have tiny black dots all over their face.
SizeThey grow to about 7 inches.

Their eventual maximum size is dependant on their diet, care, and genes.
Life spanRubber Lip Plecos live to about 10-12 years.

This life span is dependant is their care, feeding and general aquarium maintenance.
BehaviorRubber Lip Plecos spend half their life hiding behind the rocks and other places eating algae.

They are shy fishes; they normally behave well and are peaceful with the other fishes.
Tank sizeRubber Lipped Plecos will thrive in tanks with capacities greater than 25 gallons.
Water valuesRubber Lip plecos prefer the water pH to be around 6.5-7.5.

The hardness of the water should be between 8-12 KH.

The temperature around 70°F to 78°F.

The water flow should be medium.
Aquarium plantsAdd aquatic plants such as Pogostemon helferi to mimic their natural habitat.

Add floating plants to help oxygenate your aquarium and give the Rubber Lip Plecos places hide.
FeedingRubber Lip Plecos eat algae. If your tank has algae they will survive on all varieties of algae.

If your tank is clean you should feed Rubber Lipped Plecos the following:

·      Spinach
·      Zucchini
·      Fish flakes
·      Peas
·      Algae wafers
·      Seaweed algae
Diseases and AilmentsRubber Lip Plecos are immune to various diseases.

Though they may get bacterial infections which will not harm the other fishes. Following this guide to learn the symptoms.
Socialization and tank matesRubber Lip Plecos are peaceful. You should ideally house them with other peaceful aquarium inhabitants.

Best tank mates for the Rubber Lip Plecos are:

·       Neon tetras
·       Cory catfish
·       Green tetras
·       Honey gourami
·       Ember tetras
BreedingRubber Lip Plecos rarely breed in an aquarium.

Rubber Lip Plecos: What people also ask

Are Rubber Lip Plecos aggressive?

Rubber Lip Plecos are peaceful fish. They tend not to thrive in tanks with aggressive inhabitants who end up disrupting them. They are a perfect for a tank with other peaceful fish.

Do Rubber Lip Plecos eat algae?

Rubber Lip Plecos are a nonaggressive fish with a healthy appetite for algae and vegetable matter. They will eat all the algae in the fish tank bur will eventually need additional feed.

How big do Rubber Lip Plecos get?

Rubber Lip Plecos get to an adult size of about 7 inches

Do Rubber Lip Plecos really clean your tank?

Rubber Lipped Plecos eat algae almost exclusively. They will do a great job of eating any algae growing on the glass, decorations, or plants in your tank. There is no variety of algae that these fish won’t eat, with the possible exception of hard algae that adheres to the aquarium glass.

Do Rubber Lip Plecos really need Driftwood?

Rubber Lip Plecos tend to be fascinated by Driftwood. They rest on the Driftwood and attach themselves to it so that the can suck any algae off the surface.

Why did my Rubber Lip Pleco die?

If you had the Rubber Lip Pleco for longer than one month, the reason for their sudden death can be explained by something in the aquarium. The first thing you have to check is the water chemistry and the water values, especially the Ammonia levels in the water.

Rubber Lip Plecos: Videos

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