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Anubis barteri

The Anubis barteri is a plant for the aquarium that belongs to the Anubias family and has broad-leaved spear leaf.

It has meanwhile secured an important position in the aquarium hobby and is kept in many aquariums.

Why the broad-leaved spear blade is so popular is basically easy to explain, but stems from several individual reasons, two of which are very important in the first place.

  • The Anubis barteri leaf is very adaptable and resistant, so that it should thrive in almost every aquarium.
  • The broad-leaved spear leaf is one of the plants for the aquarium, which over time can become very large and thus a real eye-catcher in every aquarium.


The visual attractiveness of this plant is also supported by the fact that the leaves have some special features and the plant can be used very differently in the aquarium. In the following, we will give you more information about what the broad-leaved spear leaf looks like and how you can integrate it into your own aquarium.

Anubis barteri
Anubis barteri

The Anubis barteri plant in the aquarium

A special feature of the broad-leaved spear leaf is that this plant has a rhizome. A rhizome is a stem axis system that represents the base of the plant. Because the broad-leaved spear leaf has such a rhizome, you have to be a little careful if you want to “plant” the plant in the aquarium – but more on this below.

Starting from the rhizome, the broad-leaved spear leaf develops several stalks, which are crowned by the beautiful leaves of the plant. These leaves have a small notch at their transition to the stem, then become quite wide and converge again at their end.

The Anubis barteri leaves have a beautiful, intense green color in the aquarium. But this is not the only special feature of the leaves: They are also quite firm and are often described as leathery.

This is not only a visual highlight, but also useful if the aquarium is also home to aquarium inhabitants who sometimes attack aquarium plants. Such attacks usually do not affect the broad-leaved spear blade too much.

However, it is not just the appearance and properties of leaves that are decisive when looking for suitable plants for your aquarium:

  • The speed of growth and growth itself are also important if you want to own a plant that fits well into the existing aquarium.

The broad-leaved spear leaf is a plant for the aquarium that can grow quite large, but at the same time it is also a plant that does not grow very quickly in the aquarium. So here the aquarist’s patience is required if he acquires a very small plant for his aquarium and wants to grow it, so to speak.

In the long run he is rewarded for this patience with the broad-leaved spear blade not only through a sweeping increase in height, but also through a certain growth in width. Growth that is not too fast is also advantageous if you do not want to constantly intervene in the aquarium and control the growth of plants.

Anubis barteri in the Aquarium

How can you use the Anubis barteri plant in the aquarium?

The above descriptions of the appearance of the broad-leaved spear blade should already have underlined enough that this plant can be enrichment for every aquarium.

But how can the aquarist design his aquarium in detail with this plant? There is not one answer here, but several, which in turn underlines that the broad-leaved spear leaf can be described as a varied plant for the aquarium.

  • Due to the size that the broad-leaved spear blade can reach, at least over time, this plant is more intended for the rear area of ​​an aquarium.
  • The selected aquarium should of course not be too small so that the plant can develop freely. If you are aiming for a more or less dense greening of the background, you have to be a little patient with the broad-leaved spear blade – as already mentioned above.
  • It is classic to “plant” the broad-leaved spear blade, although this verb should not be taken too literally at this point.
  • Since the plant has a rhizome, it is better not to actually bury it. Otherwise this could be damaged and rotten in the long run, which should rob the plant of any strength and chance of healthy growth in the aquarium. In principle, it is possible to use several plants at the same time if the broad-leaved spear blade is to be used for background greening in an aquarium.
  • However, if you only want to set an accent in your aquarium with the plant, you will do well with a plant that acts as a solitary. In this case, you can choose other plants for the rest of the background in the aquarium, which are best in a clear contrast to the broad-leaved spear leaf, but are still quite large in order to completely green the background. In addition to the classic variant of planting, the broad-leaved spear leaf can also be used to green furnishings in the aquarium.
  • The plant then grows on roots that are in the aquarium, for example, and thus ensures a very natural appearance. The best way to do this is to tie the plant to the selected object in the aquarium with a sturdy string.

If you can’t get enough of the attractive broad-leaved spear leaf, you can also try to propagate the plant. For this purpose, the rhizome can be divided or the sprouts that develop on the side of it can be removed. In this way you can generate supplies for another aquarium relatively easily. Aquarists who are friends will also be happy about one or

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