Reasons why you should get an Aquarium Feeder for your Tank

aquarium feeder

Is an aquarium feeder really worth it?

Aquariums exert a tremendous fascination on us and many aquarium fans dream of an aquarium in their own four walls. At the same time, however, many shy away from it because they have concerns about maintenance, effort and costs. 

And there is no avoiding the fact that an aquarium requires a little effort and care, because aquariums are living ecosystems whose balance must be kept in balance so that all residents feel comfortable and stay healthy. 

But with the right technology , aquariums is not rocket science and there are many technical helpers that can make your life a lot easier. The aquarium feeder is one of these helpers – a luxury that you should treat yourself to right from the start.

What is an aquarium feeder and how does it work?

An Aquarium feeder is basically nothing more than a feed dispenser with a timer. It automatically supplies your fish with the desired amount of fish food at the desired time. 

The automatic feeder has one or more chambers for the fish feed and a timer that can be individually set to your feeding times. 

If you have given bottom fish the tablets as food, make sure when buying that the feeder is also suitable for tablets. The automatic feeder is operated either via a power connection or, more modern, batteries.

Advantages of a feeder for aquariums

An automatic feeder has many advantages but above all it gives you independence because an aquarium and its inhabitants benefit from and need regularity. If you do not want to plan your daily routine according to the feeding times of your fish, then an automatic feeder is the perfect solution for you. 

But even if you do not need the automatic feeder in everyday life, it still makes sense to invest in one so that you can go on vacation with peace of mind. Most aquariums can survive for two weeks without you as long as the fish are fed. With a feeder, you no longer have to tie in neighbors and friends.

And another problem that can unbalance the ecosystem in your aquarium is overfeeding. This can no longer happen with a properly adjusted automatic feeder.

Reasons why you should consider an automated Aquarium Fish Feeder | Perfect for Vacation

Disadvantages of an aquarium feeder

An advantage of the automatic feeder is also a disadvantage for some aquarium owners. For most fish owners, daily feeding is a daily ritual that they don’t want to simply hand over to a machine. An aquarium is pure relaxation and for many aquarists, daily feeding is often the calming end to a stressful day.

Another disadvantage is that with manual feeding you can closely watch your fish as they eat and thus notice sick animals immediately. But the automatic feeder does not have to feed every day, most devices can be set so that they only feed on certain days of the week and of course you can only use it on vacation.

aquarium feeder
Aquarium Feeder

Which models of an aquarium feeder are there?

Even if the range of automatic feeders seems confusing at first glance, the different models differ mainly in the number of feed chambers. The simplest models have only one feed chamber, which is emptied by rotation. 

These machines are only suitable if you only want to feed one type of fish feed. Fish feed granules are best suited because they are evenly grained and can therefore be dosed more easily, and with flake feed it is easier for the chamber to clog.

If you want to feed several types of feed, a model with several feed chambers is recommended. With these models, one chamber is emptied per feeding, but since they have several chambers, you can feed granules, flakes or food tablets for bottom fish.

What to look for when buying an aquarium feeder

Even if the feeders are relatively affordable, it is worth paying attention to a few things in order to avoid bad purchases. The first question is of course how many chambers you need for your aquarium. If you want to feed bottom fish, you need a model that is also suitable for food tablets.

The next criterion that should significantly influence your purchase decision is handling. Because the easier it is to set the timer, the more certain you can be that your fish are being fed correctly.

If you have an open aquarium, then you should choose a model that has a vertical bracket. Because the automatic feeder only works properly if it is secure and stable and cannot tip over. Failure to do so can result in the chambers not emptying properly and your fish not getting the correct amount of fish food!

Automatic feeders also differ in operation. There are models that run on a power cord and others that use batteries. Battery operated models are easier to place because they don’t rely on a cable. 

Most of the more modern models today are very economical in their power consumption so you don’t have to worry about the batteries running out while you are on vacation. As a rule, automatic feeders can operate for several months before you need to change the batteries.

What does an aquarium feeder cost?

The costs are relatively manageable – depending on the model, the costs are between $15 and $60. 

If you have found a supposed bargain at which the costs are lower than the standard feeder, you should bear in mind that with lower-quality models you may have problems with moisture and mold formation in the feed in the chamber of the feeder.

Which are the top 3 aquarium feeders on the market?

1. Galapara B07SX31CNS Aquarium Feeder

The Galapara is an Aquarium feeder, automatic fish feeder Automatic fish feed dispenser, automatic fish feeder for aquarium, fish tank

  • Automatic fish feeder, automatic intelligent memory function – When the network is switched off, the automatic fish feeder will still output the feed in accordance with the previous settings.
  • Remote control fish feeder – The Galapara Automated feed dispenser convenient for you to control fish feed with your mobile phone via the app.
  • Timer and countdown function – The Galapara Automatic feeder has flexible time setting for creating schedules for the automatic feed.
  • Aquarium automatic feeder adjustable feed outlet – automatic feeder aquarium can adapt the outlet on the fish feed container to the actual situation.
  • Voice control function – Fish feed dispenser Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Echo for voice control. If there is any product problem, please contact us, we will solve the problem for you.

2. Fish Mate F14 automatic fish feeder for aquarium

  • Reliable and accurate quartz timer
  • Serves up to 14 individual meals while you are away
  • The feeding takes place over several hours; this keeps the fish active and reduces the risk of overfeeding
  • User-friendly timer for setting 1 to 4 feedings per day
  • Requires 1 AA battery (not included); 1 battery is sufficient for over a year of continuous use

3. Focuspect Aquarium Feeder

Focuspet Aquarium Feeder, 200ML Fish Feeder Aquarium with LCD Display Digital automated feed dispenser for fish with USB charging cable suitable for weekend vacations

  • Smart Design – Focuspet Aquarium Automatic Feeder meets the dietary needs of your fish or turtles when traveling or on weekends. You only need to set the feeding times (usually 4 times a day) so that your fish or turtles are fed on time and automatically. At the same time, you can press the manual button, which allows you to enjoy the pleasure of feeding.
  • USB charge – The Aquarium automatic fish feeder has a large capacity lithium battery for power supply that does not need to be replaced. Can be charged with USB charging cable. For 3 to 6 months of use. Automatic fish feeder Aquarium does not need to buy batteries, both economical and environmentally friendly.
  • Large capacity – The Aquarium automatic feeder has a 200 ml feed bucket and can hold enough feed, suitable for pellets, flakes, powder and other fish feed.
  • Easy Fish Feeding – If there is not enough feed you can add it in the fish feeder above which is very convenient. Press the lid, then feed can be fed.
  • Two installation methods – fix the adjustable screw base to the wall of the tank or attach it to the aquarium cover with a double sided sticker. The base of the fish feed dispenser can be rotated 360 ° and after installation to the desired position.
Feeding Your Fish While Away on Vacation


Watching fish while they seemingly slide weightlessly through the water is one of the most relaxing activities of all. That is certainly one of the reasons why aquariums are so popular. But an aquarium also means a little effort and care so that its residents feel comfortable.

And to add even more relaxation, you can use an automatic feeder to avoid the stress that the necessary regularity in feeding can cause. The acquisition costs are manageable and in return you can go on vacation completely relaxed without having to ask friends or neighbors to feed the fish every time.

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