Which Aquarium Thermometer should I get?

aquarium thermometer

An aquarium thermometer is critical to the ecosystem of the aquarium.

Why is it mandatory to constantly measure the temperature in the aquarium?

  • You should install a thermometer in a corner opposite from the heater to make sure that you can determine if the heat is reaching the other side of the tank.
  • A thermometer comes in handy after the first water change. It’s used to make sure that the temperature is within 1-2 degrees of the original water

What type of core features should an aquarium thermometer have?

The following are factors you should consider when selecting an aquarium filter:

1. The type of aquarium thermometer

There are 3 main types of aquarium thermometers:

a. Adhesive

Adhesive strip thermometers give an approximate reading. They are thin, flexible strips that stick on the outside of the aquarium

b. Liquid-filled

Liquid-filled aquarium thermometers sit inside the tank and may float, sink, or come with a suction cup. The function like mercury bulb thermometers

c. Digital

Most digital thermometers have display unit sticks on the outside of the tank with a a probe that sits inside the water

2. The accuracy of the aquarium thermometer

Many aquarium thermometers list the degree of accuracy with which they record temperatures.

  • A quality aquarium thermometer should be accurate to within +/-2°F.
  • Does your fish have very precise temperature needs? Then an aquarium thermometer with a lower degree of accuracy is not suitable for your tank.

3. How durable is the aquarium thermometer?

4. Does the thermometer function without power?

  • Liquid-filled aquarium thermometers don’t need batteries. You should have one as a backup
  • Just like Liquid-filled thermometers, adhesive strip thermometers don’t need batteries. They also function very well as a backup
  • Digital aquarium thermometers need batteries to function. You should always stock enough batteries.

5. How easy it is to read the temperature?

This is a personal preference. You should always settle for an aquarium thermometer that you are easily able to read.

  • Aquarium thermometers normally have large LCD displays which are easy to read
  • Liquid-filled thermometers are normally harder to read. They are normally meant to approximate the temperature to within a degree or two.

You need to understand the instructions when it comes to Adhesive strip aquarium thermometers.

List of the best Aquarium Thermometers 2020

Digital Aquarium Thermometers

1. Zacro LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer

The Zacro pack comes with a submerge probe that you are supposed to submerge into fish tank in order to measure water temperature.

aquarium thermometer

The package includes:

  • An easy to apply suction cup
  • An easy to read LCD screen
  • A compact design for discrete use
  • Delivers temperature readings to within 1 degree
  • It has a temperature range of  -50 degree Celsius ~ + 70 degree Celsius
  • Its operating temperature  is -10 degree Celsius ~ +50 degree Celsius.
  • It’s powered by one lr44 button cell which is included

Our Feedback

The Zacro digital thermometer has a very simple design which makes it easy for everyone to operate. Adjusting the temperature or replacing the battery is very easy. We were impressed with the way the Zacro thermometer temperature range remained stable.

The only issue we had with it was gauging the right the Fahrenheit to use. However, this was not an issue because we knew the Celcius temperature that was needed to maintain in the aquarium.

2. VIVOSUN LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer

The VIVOSUN Aquarium Thermometer which is ideal for aquariums comes with a large LCD display that is very easy to read

It has a compact and durable design.

aquarium thermometer

The package includes:

  • 1 x Thermometer
  • 1 x Probe
  • 1 x Button battery
  • 2 x Suction cups
  • Temperature Range: -50℃ ~ +70℃ (-58 °F ~ +158 °F); This aquarium thermometer is accurate to +/- 1℃, no matter whether the probe is placed in any corner of this fish tank, an accurate temperature will be displayed
  • Easy to adjust the temp between Fahrenheit and Celsius displays; Long-press the power button to adjust the unit display
  • Equipped with two suction cups, one for attaching the cable to the side of the tank and another for attaching the thermometer
  • The cable length connected to the probe is 39.37 inch (1 m) superior to 23.62 inch (60 cm) standard cable length; Allows accurate temperature measurements in even the largest fish tanks
How easy is it to install a VIVOSUN Aquarium Thermometer?
  • First open the battery cover on the thermometer
  • Then insert the button battery to ensure the “+” positive electrode is face up
  • Take 1 one suction cup and attach to the back of the thermometer
  • Affix the unit to the outer of this fish tank
  • Use the 2nd suction to attach the cable
  • Submerge the probe attached cable into the fish tank;
  • Press the power button for at least 3 seconds to turn on the thermometer

Our Feedback

We found using the VIVOSUN Aquarium Thermometer very easy. It gave a very accurate reading of the temperature which we could verify using other external thermometers. For the cost, it has great value.

The only issue we encountered was the suction cups. I think it’s because we were used to thermometers that did not require them.  

3. Capetsma Digital Aquarium Thermometer

The Mini Digital Aquarium Thermometer has a very modern appearance and compact design.

The built-in LCD is clear, easy-to-read and it displays accurate temperature readings in your Aquarium.

aquarium thermometer

The package includes:

  • The digital Aquarium Thermometer
  • 2 x Battery


  • Large Crystal Touch Screen that makes it easier to read the temperature from afar
  • The 3.2″ LCD displays large numbers than most thermometers
  • It comes with an accurate temperature sensor stick on the surface of the fish tank
  • The digital aquarium thermometer will display temperature readings from 0°C to 70°C / 32°F – 158°F, accurate to 0.1°
  • It’s easy to Operate. All you have to do is pull down the black battery cover below the screen, insert the battery, close it, stick and read the tank temperature. Press “up” or “down” to switch °C / °F
  • It’s suitable for all water types

How easy is it to install a Capetsma Digital Aquarium Thermometer?

  • Insert a battery in the red battery cover below the LCD Screen to display the current room temperature
  • To adjust the temperature display, open the battery case and insert another battery and wait for a few seconds. The display will now show properly
  • Stick the thermometer onto a transparent background
  • To switch from °C to °F and vice versa, click “up” or “down” Key on the screen
  • Set the highest temperature and the base low temperature. The displayed numbers will flash if the water temperature is higher than the highest temperature or lower than the lowest temperature you set. You would need to flash the device

How to flash the thermometer if the high and low temperatures are incorrect

  • Press the “set” key
  • Once the small number flashes, short press “up” or “down” to set up the highest temperature you want it to flash
  • Then press “set”
  • Now the other small number will flash
  • Short press “up” or “down” key to set up the lowest temperature you want it to flash
  • You are done. The large displayed number will only flash if the water temperature is higher than the highest temperature or lower than the lowest temperature you set

4. RISERPO LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer

RISEPRO Aquarium Thermometer is an all-rounder thermometer. It can be used in aquariums and other tanks for monitoring the living temperature for reptile, lizard, turtle, etc.


The package includes:

  • 1 x Aquarium thermometer
  • 2 x AG13 button cell batteries
  • 1 x Standard color package with instructions


  • The RISEPRO thermometer is very easy to setup. Simple mount main display unit over the tank! And place the sensor probe inside the water!
  • It has a wide temperature range and can measure -58.0 to 158.0 degree Fahrenheit (-50.0 to 70.0 degree Celsius)
  • It displays the temperature with an accuracy of +/- 1 degree Celsius
  • Switching from Celsius and Fahrenheit is very easy
  • It is suitable for different water types such as fresh water, tap water, salty water, marine water and etc.

How easy is it to install a RISERPO LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer?

  • It can easily be set up in minutes.
  • Mount the main display unit on the tank using the included suction cup
  • Place the sensor probe the water and affix it using a suction cup
  • All done!

Important note:

Only the sensor probe is waterproof and submersible in water.

The main display unit should not be submerged since it’s not waterproof


We were very impressed with the Risepro includes a very long lasting battery. The temperature displays have a very high level of accuracy. You can also turn it on and off to save battery power when not in use. We also found the Risepro’s digital design makes reading temperature much easier to read compared to a plain glass thermometer.

For some people, the wire might be too long. However, this is a positive design because it’s easy to manage.

5. AikTryee Fish Tank Thermometer

The AikTryee Thermometer comes with an easy to read digital display. It displays the temperature in either ℉ or Celsius. The thermometer is accurate enough to create readings within 1 degree.

aquarium thermometer

The package includes:

  • 2 x Aquarium thermometer
  • 4 x LR44 button cell battery
  • 2 x Suction cup mounts
  • 2 x Double-sided tape
  • 1 x Standard color package.


  • Aquarium Thermometer uses a high-precision stainless steel sensor probe to measure the water temperature of the aquarium.
  • The main unit uses a professional LCD display to solve the problem of not knowing the temperature of the fish tank, thus providing a healthy and comfortable water environment for all kinds of fish
  • Digital Aquarium Thermometer with a Large Screen 1.6 inch LCD Display
  • It displays the temperature on an easy to read LCD for Children or Older People
  • Real-time monitoring of changes in water temperature
  • Temperature Range -58 ℉ ~ +230℉
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: ±2℉
  • It can be used in temperature sensing of many types of liquids, making your temperature measurement so simple.
  • It’s powered by two LR44 Button Cells and the battery working time of up to 8 Months


We discovered that the AikTryee Fish Tank Thermometer has a good temperature range and is powered by LR44 button cells. The simple design makes it easy to operate, whether you need to adjust the temperature or replace the battery. In some cases, the Fahrenheit button may not work, which is not a huge issue if you know the Celcius temperature that you need to maintain in the aquarium.