Cleaning tips for your aquarium

cleaning tips

Cleaning tips on how to completely clean the aquarium – necessity and implementation

Cleaning Tips: Now that you have finally installed the aquarium and are enjoying looking at the fish, it is time to think about cleaning the aquarium.

Below is an overview of what is ivloved with cleaning the aquarium

Cleaning Tips: Regular complete cleaning of the aquarium is not necessary.

Every now and then it is recommended to completely empty the aquarium once a year, and to thoroughly clean and boil the substrate and all decorative objects. This recommendation is also partly in older aquarium books.

From today’s perspective, this recommendation is outdated. Catching, storing and relocating puts stress on the fish. Plants must first root again in the soil. Bacteria that break down pollutants in the substrate are destroyed. An aquarium takes 6 to 12 months to run in properly. 

The metabolic processes in the aquarium are optimally coordinated after aquarium run-in or run-in period. Annual cleaning thus destroys the equilibrium that has just been created in the aquarium. An aquarium can be operated for several years without such basic cleaning, if it is properly set up and cared for.

Cleaning Tips: A sensible setup and maintenance includes:

  • the introduction of sand or fine gravel as a substrate. Coarse gravel is less suitable.
  • a low stock of fish.
  • that well-kept fish and plants match the existing water parameters.
  • a sufficient running-in period of at least 3 weeks with regular measurement of the nitrite value .
  • that algae are regularly removed or avoided.
  • that excess sludge is sucked off.
  • that the filter is only cleaned when it is necessary.
  • that it is fed sparingly.
  • that water is changed regularly .
  • that basic water parameters are checked regularly.
Cleaning Tips: How to clean an aquarium the right way

Cleaning Tips: When a complete cleaning of the aquarium can be useful

However, thorough cleaning may be necessary if foci of putrefaction have formed in the substrate. This can usually be recognized when gas bubbles that smell of rotten eggs rise from the ground. The cause is mostly leftover feed and other organic substances that seep into the ground and rot there. Coarse gravel is particularly susceptible, as larger organic parts can easily seep into it. Sandy soil is accordingly less prone to rot in the soil.

A thorough cleaning may also be necessary after particularly serious illnesses with an extremely high number of deaths or after the addition of medication. In such cases, however, it can make more sense to completely dispose of gravel and plants and to wash the aquarium thoroughly with acetic acid or to disinfect it.

Aquariums from experienced aquarists are usually operated for five to ten years or even longer without thorough cleaning. Basic cleaning is only carried out when the aquarium is to be set up again.

cleaning tips
Cleaning tips for your aquarium

Cleaning Tips: How a complete cleaning of the aquarium is carried out

  • The fish are temporarily stored in the largest possible container with water from the aquarium during cleaning. Depending on the season and the duration of the cleaning, heating may be required.
  • The plants are temporarily stored in the largest possible container with water from the aquarium during cleaning.
  • The filter continues to run in another container so that the bacterial culture does not die.
  • About half of the aquarium water is stored in different containers.
  • The aquarium is cleared and cleaned.
  • The substrate, decoration and equipment are cleaned.
  • The aquarium is being set up again.
  • The aquarium becomes too. About a third filled with old aquarium water.
  • The plants are used.
  • The filter is reconnected to the aquarium.
  • The aquarium is refilled with old aquarium water.
  • The fish are placed in the aquarium.
  • The aquarium is finally topped up with fresh water.

Of course, deviations from this basic plan are possible or necessary in individual cases. Another alternative is to only ever clean part of the aquarium more thoroughly.

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