10 Wall Aquarium Frequently Asked Questions

wall aquarium

A wall aquarium makes a statement piece in your home or office. It creates such a great focal point.

What is a wall aquarium?

A wall aquarium is a fish tank that is mounted to a wall or hung on a wall like a painting. It is also called wall-mounted aquarium or hanging fish tank.

Wall aquariums are designed to mount to any solid wall in your home or office. 

A wall aquarium only stands off the wall by four and half inches. A little wider a standard picture frame and creates a stunning focal point of light, movement and contemporary style to any room. 

The best wall aquariums are made from a plated brushed aluminum frame. The tank is made from tempered glass which is 7 times stronger than regular glass.  

When you purchase a wall aquarium, it includes:

  • A multi-function submersible water filter
  • A glass lid
  • Custom-made lighting
  • A siphon cleaning hose
  • A reef background
  • A fish net
  • Grabber tongs
  • Instructions complete mounting kit
  • A maintenance manual

What are the advantages of getting a wall aquarium?

  • It reduces the risk of the aquarium being knocked down. That is why they are great for places with a lot of foot traffic
  • It saves a lot of space especially if you do not have a lot of floor space for a fish tank
  • A wall aquarium can be mounted on a wall between two rooms to create a stunning design
  • They are great and easy to look up for everyone since they are mounted at eye level
  • It comes as a complete unit which normally includes the filter and light that fits the tank
  • It can be used domestically and commercially at such locations as banks, doctors’ offices, and other lobbies

What are the disadvantages of having a wall aquarium?

  • A wall aquarium is very expensive
  • You will be limited in the type of fish species you can have because you need a fish that can survive the vertical slim layout
  • Because of the reduced surface of the tank, there is limited water to air exchange in a wall aquarium
  • It requires strong wall support with studs or concrete to hold up the tank

What type of fish can I stock in a wall aquarium?

Not every fish species can survive a wall aquarium because of the limited swimming space.

However, you can always find fish that will perfectly exist in a wall aquarium.

The following is a list of fish that will exist perfectly in a wall aquarium.

Is it easy to set up a wall aquarium?

Yes. A wall aquarium is pre-assembled and easy to set up.

Wall-mounted aquariums come with specially designed reinforced steel wall brackets which then get attached to the studs in the wall.  

First of all the brackets are secured to the studs in the wall and wall aquariums are hung onto the reinforced hooks. Then gravel water and plug in are added.

How do you clean a wall-mounted aquarium?

Cleaning a wall aquarium is exactly the same as cleaning a normal aquarium.

You still need to:

IMPORTANT: You should avoid overfeeding your fish in a wall-mounted aquarium. Due to the restricted water volume caused by the depth of the tank, waste and toxins will accumulate more quickly than in a traditional tank.

A freshwater wall aquarium with pool filter sand as the substrate a few amazon sword plants and driftwood

How should I maintain my wall aquarium?  How often should I change the water?

It is very easy and simple to maintain a wall aquarium.

Your aquarium comes with a quality filtration system that can keep the water clean and it only requires about 15 to 30 minutes a month for maintenance.

How often you need to maintain your aquarium mainly depends on how the aquarium is set up, what kind of fish you get and how many fish you have in your aquarium.  

Usually, about every other week, a partial water change (about 20~30%) should be done to keep the aquarium clean. Use the vacuum siphon-hose vacuum to clean as much dirt off of the bottom of the aquarium as possible. Then, treat water with a water conditioner and refill the aquarium.

Can you turn a wall-mounted tank into a saltwater aquarium?

Wall-mounted tanks are typically capable of supporting a saltwater system.

However, the process requires a significant amount of experience and knows how to achieve the conversion.

Can I keep tropical fish in the wall aquarium?

Yes.  You can have some small size tropical fish such as bright blue and red neon tetras, glow lights, zebra, dandies, guppies or any of the small tetra family. 

When these fish are fully grown, they are not much bigger than match sticks. 

If you would like to keep tropical fish you will require the following:

  • A heater thermostat
  • Wiring console to be added to the system  
4ft panoramic wall mounted aquarium with a partly stocked my tank undergoing the nitrogen cycle. It is the future home of cardinal tetras.

Can I keep live plants in a wall-mounted tank?

Generally a wall-mounted tank is not ideal for plants because the lighting system is very limited.

However, small, low-light plants may be able to survive.