Saltwater Aquarium Setup: Easy Guide

Saltwater Aquarium Setup

So you have decided to set up a saltwater aquarium? It’s like bringing some “sea” home! This easy Saltwater Aquarium Setup guide shows you how.

In this article, we will give you a little insight on easy Saltwater Aquarium Setup is. First thing you need to remember is that setting up an aquarium is just like setting up an apartment or house; it is a matter of taste. 

This article will give you practical tips that will help you make the best decisions when it comes to setting up a saltwater aquarium.

Saltwater Aquarium Setup: Tank

WHERE should the aquarium be and WHAT would you like to keep in it?

When choosing a space, keep in mind that it is not always possible to move an aquarium. When fully set up, your aquarium will bear enormous weight. The base cabinet and glass as well as the furnishings can be enormously damaged if you try to move the aquarium. Of course, we will also move your aquarium – but save yourself the costs and plan carefully from the start.

Ask yourself the question right from the start:

Which inhabitants would I like to look after? – Smaller animals, special species such as seahorses or a pure coral tank. Everything is possible. The size and type of your aquarium is defendant on this choice.

Useful Tips:

  • Your aquarium should be accessible (you can easily reach into the tank from several sides)
  • Power supply must be provided
  • No direct sunlight (please do not place it directly in front of a window, this leads to increased algae formation)
  • Is the path accessible by then (can transport be guaranteed until then)
  • Is the bottom as level as possible (the aquarium should “stand in the water”)
  • It is best to always plan a larger aquarium. Once “infected”, you want to quickly “sea”. Often there is no longer enough space to realize further dreams.

The secret to selecting the right size and shape for your first saltwater aquarium.

Saltwater aquarium complete set or made-to-measure aquarium?

You decide according to your wishes and your budget. Most people prefer to have their aquarium integrated directly into a new building or a filter system in the basement. Everything is possible. You should always consult with the company that is selling you the saltwater aquarium.

Useful Tips:

  • Advantage of saltwater aquarium complete set: Inexpensive and all connections including the filter basin, some lamps are s integrated in the set. 
  • The advantage of a made-to-measure aquarium: every conceivable variant and size possible. Can be built into the wall or glued on site, base cabinet can be freely selected. Plan your aquarium according to your individual ideas.

Saltwater Aquarium Setup: Technology

Which technology suits my saltwater aquarium?

The technology you settle for is basically a matter of taste and of course a question of price. There are already current pumps that simulate tides, but also simple current pumps that are very easy to use, especially for beginners.

Your saltwater aquarium should have:

  • Light (LED or T5 tubes); the aquarium should be completely illuminated, here too the question arises which corals do you want to maintain or maybe you just want fish?
  • Power supply must be provided
  • Protein skimmer (it absorbs protein and dirt particles and “clarifies” your aquarium water, so to speak)
  • Feed pump (partly not yet available in the aquarium set; it enables water to circulate from the filter tank to your aquarium and back again)
  • Thermometer (regulates the water temperature)
  • Algae magnet (for cleaning aquarium panes)
  • UV sterilizer (should be available especially when fish are being cared for (kills parasites); clarifies the water)
  • Optional ozone system (should be available especially if sensitive fish are cared for, such as surgeon fish species (kill parasites): creates crystal clear water)
  • Optional cooling device (especially in summer when it gets hot in the apartment, temperatures above 28 degrees can be dangerous for aquarium residents)

Useful Tip:

  • You should look for an experienced vendor who has already built aquariums that offer complete technology sets and also consider the optimal price-performance ratio.
  • Look to purchase from a vendor that offers a complete set-up which includes the installation of the technology

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Saltwater Aquarium Setup: Sand

Do I need sand for my aquarium? If yes, which one?

Yes and no. Corals basically don’t need sand. However, if you care for fish that use sand to build caves or use it as a sleeping place (mostly wrasse and gobies), sand is definitely an important piece of furniture.

However, if you want to call a pure coral aquarium your own, sand is sometimes even a “disruptive factor”. The dirt residues in the sand release pollutants such as nitrate into the water. Since corals, especially SPS corals, prefer very clean water, there is no need for a sandy bottom.

For a “real reef” with fish, however, a sandy bottom is essential.

Useful Tip:

  • Try and avoid using sand for pure SPS aquariums.
  • Pay attention to natural sea sand, to a natural shade. This has a positive effect on the human and animal eyes.
  • Sandy soil needs to be moved to keep waste and parasites at bay.

Saltwater Aquarium Setup: Reef

What do I use to build the reef?

Living stones, reef ceramics, real reef rock and countless other preparations serve as “natural reef structure”. Without living stones the marine aquarium would not be where it is today. A multitude of microorganisms living there make the construction of the biological water world possible. Regardless of which structure you choose, make sure that the utensils do not release any pollutants into the sea water. If you buy stones that are already “run in”, make sure that they are free from parasites and have not been stored dry. Stones cannot be seen by their nature but they have a strong influence on the water quality and that can lead to success or extreme failure.

Useful Tip:

  • A reef structure with living stones, ceramics and, if desired, real reef rock is recommended. The mix enables a natural reef structure, provides the right biological support and also makes a “filigree” structure possible
  • Provide an airy structure and few “dead” corners where the current cannot circulate sufficiently
  • Depending on the animal to be cared for, provide sufficient swimming space and hiding places as well as structure to enable territorial animals to have territories
  • Do not build up flow pumps with ceramics

Saltwater Aquarium Setup: Water

Which sea water is suitable for your saltwater aquarium?

You can operate your aquarium with synthetic sea water (osmosis water and salt) or natural sea water. A salt content of 1.23 – 1.25 is important. There are several things to consider when fortifying salt and osmosis water. Pay close attention to the right salt manufacturer. If you want to start aquariums as easily and without much effort as possible, you should opt for natural seawater. Our natural sea water creates perfect conditions for a quick start and long-lasting enjoyment with your animals.

Useful Tip:

  • It is recommended to start with natural sea water (an initial stocking of corals and fish is possible immediately and you start with perfect water values ​​in sea water

Saltwater Aquarium Setup: Corals

How and where do I correctly place my corals?

  • There are many different types of corals, each of which requires different locations in the aquarium. In the respective categories (LPS SPS anemones etc.) you will find a description in the introductory text which parking spaces and water qualities we recommend. Make sure that there is enough “space” for each animal. Especially at night, so-called “battle tentacles” appear, which can mess and kill other corals in the immediate vicinity.
  • Pay attention to the water values.
  • Make sure there is enough space
  • Bathe newly arrived corals
  • When choosing your fish, avoid those that can damage corals

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